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Dearest Princess Peach COVER 2016 by GamieNin Dearest Princess Peach COVER 2016 :icongamienin:GamieNin 1 0 Dearest Princess Peach MP 2016 by GamieNin Dearest Princess Peach MP 2016 :icongamienin:GamieNin 5 0 ME and YOU by GamieNin ME and YOU :icongamienin:GamieNin 1 0 Dearest Princess Peach - main picture 2 by GamieNin Dearest Princess Peach - main picture 2 :icongamienin:GamieNin 6 0 Dearest Princess Peach - cover 2 by GamieNin Dearest Princess Peach - cover 2 :icongamienin:GamieNin 1 0 Dearest Princess Peach - main picture by GamieNin Dearest Princess Peach - main picture :icongamienin:GamieNin 1 0 Dearest Princess Peach - cover by GamieNin Dearest Princess Peach - cover :icongamienin:GamieNin 1 0 UltraShadow97 (Page Cover) by GamieNin UltraShadow97 (Page Cover) :icongamienin:GamieNin 0 0 UltraShadow97 by GamieNin UltraShadow97 :icongamienin:GamieNin 0 0 Would you miss me? by GamieNin Would you miss me? :icongamienin:GamieNin 1 0 N_G DK logo by GamieNin N_G DK logo :icongamienin:GamieNin 0 0 N_G Splatoon cover by GamieNin N_G Splatoon cover :icongamienin:GamieNin 1 0 Pikachu cover by GamieNin Pikachu cover :icongamienin:GamieNin 2 0 The Sonic Way poem by GamieNin The Sonic Way poem :icongamienin:GamieNin 2 0 Music - is life by GamieNin Music - is life :icongamienin:GamieNin 0 0 Sonic World Poem by GamieNin Sonic World Poem :icongamienin:GamieNin 1 0


Music drabbles - Trip On Love
Music Drabbles
Song: "Trip on Love" by Des'ree
Pairing: Leo/Mikey
Rating: G... and sugar...
"I feel like I'm high," Mike said suddenly, causing Leo's head to spin around. The two had been lounging in bed together, contently enjoying the silence of one another's company for a while before sleeping.
"...What?" Leo gawped. "How would you even know what that feels like?" The eldest was immediately astonished to think that one of his brothers could have experienced drugs. How? Under his watch? He was instantly his own Leo-patented brand of completely panicked.
"Relaaaaax, bro!" Mike answered, sensing all of the things Leo hadn't even said, and knowing his comment had been taken the wrong way. "I don't. I'm just saying," he rolled onto his stomach to face his worried lover, "I feel like I'm on a natural high. A natural high!"
Seeing Leo start to relax, Mikey pressed on. "Whenever I'm around you, everything just makes me happy, regardless of if it would normally or not. Like... even wh
:iconteratophelia:Teratophelia 9 8
Mature content
Locked in a Cardboard Box :icong33kg1rl-rxd:g33kg1rl-RxD 10 1
Mature content
Honor [Geisha AU, LxM] :iconxenelle055:xenelle055 25 5
I don't know what it is. There is just something about him. The way he carries himself I presume. Whenever I am near him I just I love all my brothers, don't get me wrong I do. I've just always felt closer to Leonardo. He has always seemed to have the need to protect me because I am the 'baby' of the family after all. Ever since we were tots I've felt closer to Leonardo.
Whenever I am hurt, he is there. If I feel down, there he is. If I am sitting alone, he keeps me company. Leonardo has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a big brother. I've looked up to Leo my whole life, striving to be as good as him in everything. I try. I can't keep up with him though. He inspires me to be a better person every day. Leonardo is so calm. He is so cool, unaffected by the fire of the chaotic world around us. His strict code of morals toward everything from respecting an enemy in battle to being gentle when the rare butterfly lands on your finger.
I love everything about him. His s
:icondunkelheit-in-white:dunkelheit-in-white 11 1
Mature content
PC - All Ours :iconchizumaehara:ChizuMaehara 23 8
Break and Bend : Montero
Leonardo hadn’t felt his toes in over an hour. Each stomping thud of his boots rang painfully through his numb legs, tingling needles shooting up his calves with every step. He hardly even noticed it anymore. The frigid midnight air couldn’t get to him now. There was only one choice left.
Keep going.
Keep looking.
He wasn’t going to stop until he had Mikey safe in his arms again.
Each breathe he took was raspy, the cold clawing at his throat, but it wasn’t loud enough to drown out the ever repeating sound of Donatello’s threats from echoing in his mind. Tremors of fear coursed through his body, fueling him forward. He had messed up once before, allowed the precious thing in his life to become lost to evil. He refused to lose it again.
Leo was nearing the amphitheater in Central Park. He immediately felt the wary gaze of the many homeless mutants and aliens thrust upon him as he approached, eyeing his thick coat and boots. He pulled his hood tighter, focusi
:iconbossanovaink:BossanovaInk 22 49
Mature content
Turtlecest- Such Perverted Turtles :iconkyodai-kame-no-ai:Kyodai-kame-no-ai 25 32
The Nagging Feeling of Loneliness
Disclaimer: I don't own anything in teenage mutant ninja turtles.
Prompt: Loneliness
Pairing: Leo/Mikey
Warning: Turtlecest. If you don't like turtlecest, DON'T READ. Don't go crying to me if you happen to miss this warning!
Rating: PG-13 (R if you're sensitive)
Note: This story has a lot of brotherly fluff and is also emotional. This one-shot's goals is to tug on your heartstrings. If this sounds dark to you, it's not.  
For months, Mikey had the same empty nagging feeling on the back if his mind. When the young ninja first became aware of that nagging feeling, it was barely noticeable. At first he thought that it was just loneliness. In fact, this nagging feeling could’ve easily been confused with the feeling of loneliness. Maybe he was feeling socially deprived and needed company. Maybe he needed comfort from the people around him. But after months of constantly hanging around his older brothers, friends, and rat father more than usual, the nagging feeling still never wen
:icontheresmorethanme:Theresmorethanme 48 32
Mature content
Comforting A Brother :iconbabygirl127:babygirl127 29 23
TMNT 2007 (1001 Animations) by SofiaBlythe2014 TMNT 2007 (1001 Animations) :iconsofiablythe2014:SofiaBlythe2014 11 2 Dessert by InkyTurtle Dessert :iconinkyturtle:InkyTurtle 12 1 More Bunny Turts by InkyTurtle More Bunny Turts :iconinkyturtle:InkyTurtle 10 1 Kiddie Turts by InkyTurtle Kiddie Turts :iconinkyturtle:InkyTurtle 6 0 Sagely Advice by InkyTurtle Sagely Advice :iconinkyturtle:InkyTurtle 10 2 Cookie Bunny Bonus by InkyTurtle Cookie Bunny Bonus :iconinkyturtle:InkyTurtle 9 0 Practice Mikeys by InkyTurtle Practice Mikeys :iconinkyturtle:InkyTurtle 23 1



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I don't know if i should post my instagram art here... I tend to forget to post on all my social medias :/


GamieNin's Profile Picture
Nina Loureiro
Artist | Student | Varied
There isn't much to say about me, I'm a simple 21-year-old woman that has a wide range of interests, even if it's a little silly thing, I like it then I like it haha.
I love to make people laugh, I like to watch movies and hang with my friends, I like to play games and I like writing, I also have a habit of being interested in the weirdest stuff I see, but hey when you can't fight it, don't. You'll love the feelings that come with it and you have no regrets because you gave it a chance. I finished my Graphic Designer course and I'm now studying Art, next I'll study Animation and who knows what else, there are so many things one can find interesting and I say why not try it? See how you like it, if not try something else, just don't limit yourself, who knows maybe you and I will meet and do great stuff!
I live in an island, and although most of the time I want to get out of here because I'm the type of person who LOVES to travel, I honestly love living here, to see the ocean when going home after a tiring day, if I end up leaving someday I'll end up coming back for a vacation (I hope), with the way things are, taking a vacation is almost impossible haha.
Moving along, I started thinking this way after I entered Graphic Design, I really really love video games, you have no idea, taking this course seemed like a nightmare in the beginning. After undergoing through 3 years of work in this area I decided that the more you know, the better, but there ARE exceptions, you aren't meant to do everything just 'cause everybody else is good at whatever it is, that's how I like to think, if I have even the slightest interest in something I go after it, to see how it goes or even if I actually like it or not. Maybe if more people thought this way there wouldn't be a thing such as "what if?" right? :) Well, to conclude, I'm a lovable idiot who loves to make people laugh and I have many likes that if I wrote you a list of it, you'd never see the end of it haha.

Oh and btw, I love Pizza AND Pudding!! *-* bow down to the yumminess! ;)
I love:
-Video games (I'm a PROUD GAMER)
-My Friends~
-Working on new stuff
-Steven Universe
-Gravity Falls
-The Legend of Zelda
-Art :)
-Bless the sleepy world haha


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